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Third-Party Administration Services

·Insurance Sector
- Underwriting and policy administration
- Administrative and accounting management
- Claims management
· Self-insurance

· Fleet Management

Injury follow-up
Assistance services
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Insurance Sector
Since we started, we´ve specialized in providing customized administrative services, tailoring our solutions to the needs of each client.
From end-to-end solutions to bespoke services in each one of the processes, our flexible approach guarantees we reach our customers needs:
  · Underwriting and policy administration,
Administrative and accounting management,
· Claims management,
· Risk evaluations material and personal.

We manage all lines of insurance including auto and homeowners, personal and commercial, property or casualty, life and health, and we specialize in operations of:

· Auto,
· Construcction,
· Civil liability,
· Transports
· Industry.

Our flexibility, knowledge and resources allow us to meet any special requirement: from our customers:

· Entering the market.
· Launching new products.
· Organisational Changes, Corporate merger or division.
· Support in special operations.
· Processes related to the discontinuation of business lines and/or run off.
· Peak periods of work.

To the experience accumulated throughout years of relationships with our clients, we add our professional collaborators. We continuously reinforce our collaborators´specialized technical knowledge with great practical experience in the different processes that affect an insurer.

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