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The principles that govern our transactions are rapid response, quality in assessments, and the control and reduction of the cost of the claim.

With our processes and tools we are able to:

Unify and automate the communication of the expert/processor,
Simplify the traffic of information and eliminate paper trails,
Reduce costs while maintaining a high level of quality,
Guarantee initial information will be received by the company within 24 hours, and the monitoring and control of the entire process in an expert fashion.

We have access to a vast network of multi-disciplinary professionals throughout the country. That allow us to offer our clients a rapid and efficient local response. We maintain a fluid relationship with: expert surveyors, networks of adjustors and other participants in the process of claims processing. We work with manual valuation systems, Audatex/Audacom and GT.

Our professionals are highly qualified and specialize in the evaluation of automobile damages (Car, Trucks and motorcycles), material damages (small and medium sized businesses, big businesses, home, etc.) including civil liabilty and loss of benefits and the construction sector.

Our services include:

The complete process of damages evaluation and valuation in automobile claims.
The complete process of evaluation and valuation of damages in large claims and specialized subjects.
Evaluation and valuation of damages in vehicles and fleets through the finalization of contracts (renting, leasing, buy-back, rent-back, and others) or other occasions.
Evaluation and valuation of vehicles and fleets, at the beginning or end of contracts.
Evaluation and valuation of assets, machinery, industries at the beginning or end of contracts.
Assistance of legal professionals in court.
Naming of experts (article 38 "LCS").
Suffiency reports in the assignment of courts.
Participation in the processes of reviewing and updating the valuation of claims portfolios.
Review and auditing of repairs in workshops.
Audits of dealerships (stock of vehicles).


Specialists in the valuation of automobile damages.
Specialists in the valuation of other assets.
Specialists in claims processing.
Organization nationwide.
Structure of specialists and supervisors. Quality reports. Unity of criteria.
Technology that allows total transparency in our actions with respect to our clients.
Competitive costs.
Attention to quality.
Systematic and detailed information.
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