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Since 1996 we have been providing specialized management services in different sectors, most notably the insurance and financial services sectors, as well as the automotive, the industry and construction sectors. In these fields we have managed more than 230,000 transactions in the process of generating new business and more than 140.000 in claims management and post-sales services.

Since 1999, with more than 25,000 transactions we have been analyzing, assessing, and supervising the claims of insurance and self-insured companies and the performance of auto repair shops related to the self-insurance of our clients. We count on a network of specialists with national coverage.

Since 1999, with more than 12.000 transactions, with our medical specialists, we have been monitoring and controlling the progress of those injured in accidents and insured by our clients.

This experience has allowed us to develop:

Stable work relations with professionals and auto repair shops. Today we count on a network of:

· Auto Repair Shops: more than 700 references.
· Professionals: more than 140 references.

Our own technology that provides a high level of response, in addition to direct, transparent, and fluid communication with our clients and the professionals that collaborate with us.
Our own Know-how provides high quality service..
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