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We analyze your particular situation and propose models of self-insurance in accordance with our experience and knowledge:

Determining the optimum level of self-insurance for the client and deductibles to self-manage.
Reviewing and updating the physical inventory.
We offer a complete service of assessment, treatment, and prevention of self-insured risks.

We specialize in managing self-insurance and in resolving claims. Our management activities include:

Complete incident processing (resolution of repairs and claims).
Valuation and assessment (work fleets, buy back, and others).
Control and monitoring of repairs.
Indemnization agreement.
Recovery of paiments.
Control and management of certified suppliers´ billing.
Network of certified workshops nationwide (official brand services, multi-brands, quick service, tires, "ITV" (technical vehicle inspection), towing, assistance,...)
Reports and statistics

TANDEM Risk Control manages auto insurance in the area of civil liability, damages, and logistics.

Customer Interaction Center.
Network of repair assistance.
Defense and damage compensation (friendly and judicial).
Negotiation of agreements with suppliers.

Our technology facilitates the control of the transactions of our suppliers, management which is updated in each moment, and customer on-line risk control.

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